Shhh! Can You Hear Him?




The enemy cannot stop destiny. As a young girl in Meggett, South Carolina (twenty miles south of Charleston), Sandra Magwood grew up very poor in a quaint, little four-room home with nine other children; she did not know they were poor. Although she was taught about Jesus, she was ashamed to say his name. She had no idea how significant her reliance was upon him as sovereign would save her life and guide her into her destiny, which far exceeded anything she ever imagined. Those who prophesied into her life about God planted seeds in her heart that were nurtured and watered for harvest at the appointed time of its manifestation.

For years, she ran from any reminders of who God was and what he could do. Her ignorance beforehand did not stop her destiny and God’s plans for her. At every stumbling block in her life, she was met with a ram in the bush for deliverance. Unbeknown to her, she was in a preparatory phase, as she ran more into his presence, diligently seeking his will and ways well before her challenges. She was kept through an open-heart surgery, major emergency surgery, broken heart, military sexual trauma, and through a crippling unforgiving spirit.

She always knew she would become an author confirmed by God and by so many who prophesied from her testimonials and encouraged her to write books. She knows what a broken spirit feels like, and one of her greatest joys is to encourage and uplift others. She writes about truth, family, faith, hope, forgiveness, and humor when humor is fitting.

Shhh! Can You Hear Him? is divinely written, divinely motivated, divinely encouraged, and divinely inspired by and through God. God poured into her over the decades, and she pours into others while giving God all the praise, glory, and honor that he rightfully deserves.

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Christian Faith Publishing (June 30, 2023)




186 pages



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