G Fuel Blue Bomber Slushee – Icy Blue Raspberry Slush Energy Drink Inspired by Mega Man, 16 oz can, 12-pack case




  • INSPIRED BY MEGAMAN: Dr. Wily’s at it again! It’s time to charge up your Mega Buster and take down his sinister mechanical creations, but you need energy if you’re going to take down all of them. You reach for an energy tank, and inside you find G Fuel’s Blue Bomber Slushee Energy Drink! With a refreshingly sweet taste reminiscent of an icy blue raspberry slush, this energy drink mix can give you a MEGA burst of energy to help you take down all the Robot Masters.
  • ZERO SUGAR: Unlike other energy drinks, who rely on loads of sugar to provide you with a false sense of energy, we don’t. Our sugar free energy drink is designed to enhance energy, focus, endurance and reaction, without the dreaded sugar crash.
  • FOCUS AND ENERGY COMPLEX: Experience the unique advantage of G Fuel’s canned drinks. We combine 300 mg of caffeine with a focus amino to help enhance both concentration and mood, so you can absolutely crush any challenge ahead.
  • ANTIOXIDANTS + VITAMINS COMPLEX: We use just the right balance of antioxidants that work in tandem with our vitamin complex (Vitamin C + Vitamin E + Vitamin B12 + Vitamin B6) to create a healthy energy drink that can improve performance, as well as improve overall health.
  • MAKE THE SWITCH TO CLEAN ENERGY: Whether it’s for gaming, work, school, your workout, or daily pick-me-up, G Fuel’s antioxidant-rich, focus-enhancing zero sugar energy drinks will give you the edge you need to power through your grind! Use our energy beverage as a pre gaming drink, pre workout, coffee or soda alternative, and for much more!

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Package Dimensions

11.26 x 8.03 x 6.38 inches, 1 Pounds

Date First Available

January 4, 2023


G Fuel

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