Marked by Him (Club V Book 1)




His ink on my skin. His ring on my finger. His protection for life. My heart as payment.

She came to my territory to spy on me. No one does that and lives. But this girl, she’s a rare beauty, beyond any I’ve seen.
I want her under me, not under the ground. She’s a temptation I have to conquer, and so I make her an offer.
My mark, on her skin. The Volkov family insignia tattooed on her shoulder, to tell the world she’s mine, and she earns my protection.

It starts out as a game but becomes an obsession so fierce it might burn the world down.
Trouble is, I can’t tell who is winning the game.
The stakes have never been higher, and we’re both playing for keeps.

As a low-level street informant, I thought I’d finally gotten out and could resume my life, but I was mistaken. My handler had one last job for me.
He wanted me to worm my way into the world of Nikolai Volkov, Slovakian arms dealer and all-round a very bad person.
The first day of working at his mysterious Club V, I knew I was in over my head. Powerful, beautiful, and full of charismatic energy, he enticed me … and terrified me.

So here I am. A girl out of her depth, being dragged under by the kind of man she most certainly shouldn’t be messing with.
He says he will protect me, so long as I wear his mark and become his.
At first, I try to tell myself I can play his twisted games, but as time goes on, he takes over my body, my heart, and now he wants my very soul.

Nikolai Volkov is either going to be my downfall, or my savior, and I don’t know which.

NB: This can be read entirely as a standalone novel. It is a dark romance. For a list of what that entails, please visit my website.

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(May 26, 2022)

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