Fused With Him: A billionaire Emotional Romance (The Merge Book 2)



⚠⚠⚠This is a full length, steamy happily ever after romance, no cliff-hanger!!. This book contains dark scenes, violence, and explicit language. Suitable for 18+ only⚠⚠⚠


Five years ago, my life was turned upside down.

I’ve avoided any kind of emotional connections with men. The walls I built up around my heart have a foundation no man has been able to crack.

That is until Bray freaking Williamson came crashing down on me. On the outside, he’s the bad boy your mother warns you about. On the inside, he’s the prince charming your father always hoped you’d find.

The perfect package.

A sculpted body, piercing emerald eyes. Speaking of piercing, there’s that extra adornment he has that makes my mouth water and my body tingle in places that I just can’t ignore.

Just when I think I can let my guard down and let him into my heart. My whole world shatters when he’s taken away from me.

I’ll stop at nothing to get him back, when he’s no longer able to fight, I’ll fight us both.



That’s what people call me. It’s what I’m best known as. I always fight for what I want, and I always win no matter the odds.

What I want now comes in the form of a beautiful feisty, independent redhead.

She wants to run, that’s fine I can run faster. She wants to hide; I’ll hunt her down not stopping until I find her.

Everyone in Sydney is about to learn that the fusion of Bray and Reilly is happening.

Nothing will stop me from having her. Not even the bullet with my name on it will keep me down. This is one fight I won’t give up on.

This is book 2 of The Merge Series. A series of Stand alone Billionaire romances with suspenseful twists and turns. Each book can be read as stand alone, or in the following reading order.

• Book 1 – Merged With Him

• Book 2 – Fused With Him

• Book 3 – Entwined With him

• Book 4 – Ignited By Him

• Book 5 – An Entangled Christmas

• Book 6 – Chased By Him

• Book 7 – Tethered To Him

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Kylie Kent (February 28, 2021)

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February 28, 2021



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