Entwined With Him: A Brothers Best Friend Age Gap Romance (The Merge Book 3)



⚠⚠⚠This Book contains scenes and discussions of self-harm, If this is a trigger for you, you should consider skipping this read.⚠⚠⚠


It’s been four years since I picked myself up off the floor and made a plan to escape. Sometimes the grass is not greener on the other side, it’s darker.

University was my fresh start.

A life away from him.

It wasn’t enough. I couldn’t escape the memories.

My demons are not ones you can see, no they’re well hidden. They stay in the dark, haunting every second of my being. I fight every day to be better, to not give in.

I’m back now.

I’m better now.

I can handle being back here in the club.

I can handle being around him again.

At least that’s what I thought. All my well laid plans go up in flames when my eyes land on him.

Dean, my brother’s best friend.

Dean, the one man I’ve always loved.


Four years ago, I did the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.

I walked away from the love of my life.

She was young, she needed to go and live her dreams without me dragging her into my darkness.

She’s also the little sister of my best friend.

Now, Ella is back, she’s not eighteen anymore.

I’m not going to make the same mistake twice.

She is mine, I will make sure everyone knows it, including her.

She’s claims she’s broken. Broken or not. She is my one.

Always has been. Always will be.

This is book 3 of The Merge Series. A series of Stand alone Billionaire romances with suspenseful twists and turns. Each book can be read as stand alone, or in the following reading order.

• Book 1 – Merged With Him

• Book 2 – Fused With Him

• Book 3 – Entwined With him

• Book 4 – Ignited By Him

• Book 5 – An Entangled Christmas

• Book 6 – Chased By Him

• Book 7 – Tethered To Him

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