REACHING FOR HIM: The Samuels Brothers Saga: A Billionaire Boss Single Dad Romance



In the vibrant heart of Seattle’s tech scene, where glass towers reflect both innovation and desire, resides Alexander Samuels—a wealthy, drop-dead gorgeous man who thrives on anonymity. A devoted single father, he’s mastering the art of shielding his life from prying eyes while raising his young daughter.

Meet Zara: the new head of PR who enters his carefully constructed world. With brilliance that rivals his own and a magnetism that’s impossible to ignore, Zara becomes more than his new employee; she becomes the secret he can’t resist. As their professional collaborations heat, so does the electric charge between them, defying all boundaries Alex had always upheld.

With each stolen glance and forbidden touch, the walls around Alex’s heart begin to crumble. The vulnerabilities he’s guarded so fiercely are disappearing, and the untamed chemistry between them begins to consume them both.

Set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Pacific Northwest, “Reaching for Him” immerses you in a tale of ambition, intimacy, and the combustible passion that blooms when two guarded souls finally collide.

In a whirlwind in the cutting-edge tech world and the unpredictable landscapes of love, Alex and Zara must choose whether to continue existing in the shadows or step into the spotlight of their heated desires.

Will the allure of secrecy battle the pull of their undeniable connection? This story burns with intensity and crackles with the energy of a love too hot to ignore.

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